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Francúzsko | Grenoble
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plný úväzok
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The Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL), situated in Grenoble, France, is Europe’s leading research facility for fundamental research using neutrons. The ILL hosts over 2000 visits by scientists per year, who come to carry out world-class research. Are you interested in taking up a new challenge in our international institute?
Under the responsibility of the Head of the Site Security and Protection Service (SSP), which is part of the ILL’s Reactor Division, you will help to ensure the safety and security of persons and property on the site. As a member of the Site Security and Protection team, you will assist in the surveillance of the various secured areas on the ILL site and will work in collaboration with the shift teams in the reactor control room.

Your duties:
• Perform CCTV site surveillance and alarm handling from the Security PCs.
• Take the appropriate response actions to the situations encountered (triggered alarms or security events).
• Perform surveillance on the installations.
• Request assistance from and guide specialist emergency services or intervention teams.
• Issue site access authorisations and carry out entry and exit controls at different ILL locations.
• Conduct security patrols.
• Act as a first responder in the event of a fire and liaise with external emergency services.
• Take action upon request by the emergency services or provide assistance to victims.
• Perform various alarm verifications.
• Process and relay site-security-related information and fill in the service logbook.
• Take part in the periodic tests and inspections for which the Site Security and Protection Service is responsible.
• Facilitate access as appropriate to the different zones for visitors, researchers and scientists within the responsibility of the SSP.

Your working hours
You will be required to work staggered hours (shifts of 12 hours 15 minutes), alternating day and night shifts, including the weekend. In the event of a crisis, you will also have to perform an emergency response role outside of your usual responsibilities to manage the crisis.

Dátum platnosti do:
Voľné pracovné miesta:
pracovník preventívno-bezpečnostnej služby

Your profile
• You have a Level 3/4 qualification (‘A’ level equivalent) in the field of security.
• You hold a valid private security guard licence (CNAPS licence, SIA licence or equivalent).
• You have solid professional experience in security or in the provision of assistance to people, whether in the private or public sector, which you have developed through previous experience as a soldier, police officer or firefighter
• You are dynamic and meticulous, follow rules and respect your managers. You thrive on teamwork and must be able to demonstrate a high degree of adaptability.
• You have no difficulty using computer technology or monitoring technology (screens) required for the job.
• You are able to handle stress and remain in control of yourself at all times.
• You are able to apply the appropriate procedures and instructions, but can also show initiative and discerning judgment.
• Your profile is eligible for clearance by the authorities (in-depth administrative screening (background checks)

Požadované vzdelanie:
stredná škola
Jazyk a úroveň ovládania:
anglický - B1 Samostatný používateľ
Zamestnávateľ ponúka:

What we offer
Quality of life – A hub for research and technology, the city of Grenoble is ideally located in the heart of the French Alps (just 3 hours from Paris/Provence by train, 1 hour from Lyon international airport and 1 ½ hours
from Geneva). It is important for us that our staff achieve a healthy work-life balance. We therefore offer home working (under certain conditions), generous annual paid leave entitlement and a host of other benefits that
you will discover when you arrive!
Prospects – We guarantee you a secure permanent position in a multicultural scientific environment.
Benefits – We offer generous social benefits (expatriation allowance, excellent health cover), moving and relocation assistance (under certain conditions) and an annual productivity bonus. We also offer language courses for you and your partner and subsidies for the use of public transport and the staff canteen, as well as for holidays and a variety of cultural and sports activities.

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doba neurčitá
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