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Working in Slovakia and Slovak language

Do I need to speak Slovak if I want to work in Slovakia?

It is possible to find a job in Slovakia without knowing the Slovak language. In some, mainly multinational companies, the language of communication is English. However, knowledge of Slovak is necessary in various life situations. Although knowledge of the English language is becoming more and more common in Slovakia, especially in large cities, you will not be able to communicate in foreign language everywhere. Especially the older generation is not linguistically proficient.


In Slovakia, the only official language is Slovak, so if you need to communicate with the authorities and you do not speak the language, ask someone for help with translation. All forms are exclusively in Slovak, but it is possible that you will also receive an English translation with the Slovak version.


If medical treatment is needed, do not rely on English being enough for you. Not all staff communicate in a foreign language, moreover, in this area, errors caused by incorrect translation or understanding of the patient can be a health threat.


In hotels and restaurants (especially in cities), knowledge of English is a matter of course. You can usually get menus in restaurants in English.


If you have children, you will probably be looking for English kindergartens or schools, which is still quite limited in Slovakia. If you enroll them in a Slovak school, Slovak language will be a must. Some Slovak schools teach in a foreign language (billingual highschools), but this applies only to part of the subjects.

Why learn Slovak?

Learning Slovak may not be easy. It is a relatively difficult language with complicated grammar. But don’t worry. Not many Slovaks speak grammatically correct Slovak. However, if you master this language, you will also get another benefit – it will be easier for you to understand Czechs or Poles. These languages have much in common.

Are you going for it?

Do not overlook the opportunities to participate in free Slovak language courses organized by the Migration Information Centre as well as their materials for individual study of Slovak language.

Materials for Self-learning of Slovak Language – IOM Migration information center

Open Courses of Slovak Language – IOM Migration information center