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Studying in EU/EEA

After Slovakia joined the European Union all citizens have a right to study, get education, reparation for a future occupation or be involved in research in all EU member-countries. To be accepted for a selected study it is necessary to meet criteria set by an education institute itself. 
In an acceptance process applicants from country where the education institution is located may not be whatsoever preferred, neither applicants from other member-countries cannot be rejected because they graduated from a different type of education since education systems in the EU are not unified. 
The only additional criterion for students from other member-countries can be examination of their language skills. Conditions of examination are defined by school. Students have their right to live in other EU member-country. Despite of that if somebody studies abroad more than 3 months he/she needs a stay permit.  It is issued under the following conditions:

  • to be enrolled at university
  • to prove  they have funds sufficient for their living
  • a proof of health insurance

The only what the students applying for stay permit must do is to be registered at a police station of a country. Provided that the above three conditions are met it is required to issue the permit. Students may be accompanied by their spouses and children regardless of their nationality.
Students who want to study in a different European country may not be discriminated against the local students in terms of the acceptance conditions or tuition fees.


Useful Websites: – The European Youth Portal – The European Portal – The Slovak Academic Information Agency  – The  National information centre for professional preparation and professional consulting  – A database of  universities, colleges and schools in Europe – Information on studying in the European countries – Information on studying opportunities in Europe– A list of websites of world-wide universities – The Slovak Academic Association for International Collaboration – The National Agency for Youth Mobility– The Open Society Foundation – The International Visegrad Fund – Explorer of scholarships abroad – Scholarships  for all levels of academic study – The National Scholarship Program of SR – The Ministry of Education of SR


The Slovak Republic as the other European countries has its own rules, which are applied for recognition of education from abroad.

Assessment of study abroad, equivalent or conversion of grades to a Slovak grade system and making equal a certain grade of basic or secondary school in Slovakia, recognition of completed education for work or continue studying in Slovakia, proving teaching capabilities of teachers graduated from Slovak education institutions to foreign authorities and appostilation of the Slovak public documents issued in a scope of  the sector of the Ministry of Education for purposes of foreign authorities.

Recognition of education documents, officially certified (usually by apostille) by a relevant authority of a country of origin of an education document is executed by the Centre for education document recognition, which is  part of the international network of UNESCO, ENIC and international network of the European Union, NARIC.

Contact Details:

Ministerstvo školstva SR
Stredisko na uznávanie dokladov o vzdelaní (the Centre for education document recognition)
Stromová 1
813 30  Bratislava
You can find information on the recognition of academics, professional qualification and references to relevant institutions in the EU/EEA countries at the international level at