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Living and working conditions in the EU/EEA

If you are one of those people considering working abroad, moving to another country, study abroad or wish to employ a person from a different country these pieces of information provided in this section are suitable just for you. Currently information is of a very high value and especially if we deal with such important decisions.

Section – Living and Working Conditions in the EU/EEA consists of details from various areas such as – job search – accommodation – schools, registration and administration processes related to stay, working conditions, taxes, living expenses, education, healthcare, social security, cultural and social life, transportation, etc. Information from these areas is available for each listed country. 

Information on the living and working conditions are processed by the EURES counsellors who update them on a regular basis in collaboration with partners-counsellors from the EU/EEA countries and Switzerland. If you need more detailed information or if you have not found data you need right now then you can collect contacts or references for each topic from websites provided for each chapter.