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  • An EU/EEA or Swiss employer wants to recruit in Slovakia. How is it possible to promote the company and job vacancies on

A foreign employer is not entitled to post job vacancies on by himself. With regards to the EURES quality standards:

  •  You should first contact a EURES adviser in your home country to discuss your needs and candidates’ profiles. This is due to verification that employer runs a business in the home country, fulfills obligations to its employees and also due to some countries’ obligation to advertise job vacancies in the national job database first. If you state that you are interested in candidates from Slovakia, your regional EURES adviser will forward your job vacancy to us.
  • If you already have job vacancies published via the public employment services in your country, just fill in the job application form in English, German or Slovak  language  and send it by e-mail to EURES adviser in Slovakia.
  • EURES adviser in Slovakia responsible for the respective employer (if you are in contact with EURES Slovakia on regular basis).

EURES Slovakia provides employers with a wide portfolio of services, including promotion of job vacancies on the Slovak national EURES portal, as well as on notice boards of 46 Labour Offices in Slovakia, and on social media of the EURES Slovakia network (Facebook, TwitterLinkedInInstagram . All  job vacancies are translated to Slovak language, although in some cases, such as the need for a high level of language knowledge, they are posted in English, German or French.
We recommend to provide as much details about the jobs offered as possible, you may also consider to attach   photos of the place of work, accomodation etc. Sometimes a few words from the Slovaks already working for the company are viewed as very useful. To see other services offered by EURES Slovakia to employers, please check General terms of cooperation with employers.

  • How much an employer pays for EURES services?

EURES services are provided free of charge.

  • What are employer´s obligations when posting workers to Slovakia?

An employer from EU/EEA or Switzerland (hosting employer“), posting workers to Slovakia has a notification obligation towards the National Labour Inspectorate in Slovakia. It is necessary to contact this authority in advance before posting. There is a possibility to provide all the information needed electronically (recommended way) or in a documentary form. The company in which your employees will work as posted in Slovakia has an “information obligation” towards the Office of Labor, Social Affairs and Family at the place of work of posted workers.
More information about Posting of workers.


  • Upon my arrival to Slovakia, I am obliged to report my stay. Where can I apply for registration of residence and obtain the proof of residence in Slovakia?

Reporting the residence (all foreigners)

Every foreigner entering the territory of the Slovak Republic is obliged to report the residence at the applicable office of The Department of the Foreign Police of the Police Force based on the address of residence in Slovakia. Reporting deadline for a third country nationals is within 3 working days of the date of entry to Slovakia and for EU/EEA/Swiss nationals within 10 working days of their entry date. If a foreigner has arranged accomodation in any facility, this obligation will be fulfilled by the facility (e.g. hotel, hostel, guest house, …).

Types of Residencies

Stay of an EU/EEA or Swiss citizen:

·         Stay for 3 months from the entry in the territory of the Slovak Republic – holder of a valid identity card or travel document – without any other conditions and formalities

·         Residence registration of an EU citizen

·         Permanent residence permit of an EU citizen

Stay of a third country national:

·         Temporary residence permit – business, employment, study, special activities, research and development, family reunification, meeting of work obligations within the Civil Armed Police Forces, granted status of a Slovak national living abroad, or granted status of a long-term resident in another European Union Member State

·         Permanent residence permit – a permanent residence permit for 5 years, a permanent residence permit for an unlimited period, a long-term residence permit

·         Tolerated stay


Contacts to Units of Foreign Police

More information

  • What  do I need to know before I start working  in Slovakia? Who is responsible for my social security and health insurance registration?

Obligations and procedures connected with a foreigner starting employment are tied to his/her nationality – an EU citizen will find useful information within the article Slovakia – practical information and also in Living and working conditions in Slovakia – his/her position on the Slovak labour market is not different from that of a Slovak citizen, he/she has the right to equal treatment and at the same time has equal rights and obligations. A third country national may ask his/her future employer for assistance, or contact IOM Migration Information Centre.

When starting a job in Slovakia, a foreign worker (an EU/EEA/Swiss citizen) should take into account the following facts in particular:

–          Mandatory residence registration in case the stay exceeds 90 days and also obligation to report the residence upon arrival to Slovakia within 10 working days of the date of entry

–          Agreeing on the terms of the employment contract before starting work

–          Registration for health insurance (the insurance company can be chosen by the employee), social insurance, and taxes is the responsibility of the employer

–          Provision of accommodation – if not provided by the employer, a foreign worker may ask for assistance either his/her future employer or EURES adviser in respective region in advance before starting work

  • Will my diploma from another country also be valid in Slovakia?

If you acquired your professional qualification abroad, in order to perform  a regulated profession it will be necessary to apply for its recognition in Slovakia well in advance before starting work. 

*regulated professions – information in Slovak language

*detailed information on qualification recognition  in Slovakia – in Slovak language

*Centre for Recognition of Diplomas ENIC/NARIC

  • Who can I contact in case of a breach of the conditions in employment relations?

In case your rights are violated at the workplace, or your employer does not obey generally binding laws and regulations concerning your work and does not respond to your objections, you can contact the National Labour Inspectorate.

Labour Inspectorates are state administration bodies that ensure the performance of labour inspection at employers and natural persons who are entrepreneurs and are not employers. They have regional competence in the scope of tasks set out in §7 of 125/2006.

Labour inspection is focused on the supervision over observance of:

  • labour-law provisions governing labour-law relations in particular their establishing, change and termination, wage conditions and working conditions of employees inclusive of working conditions for women, adolescents, home employees, persons with disability and persons under the age of fifteen and collective bargaining,
  • legal provisions regulating civil service,
  • legal provisions and other provisions for securing occupational safety and health protection, including the provisions which govern factors of the working environment,
  • legal provisions governing prohibition of illegal work and illegal employment, obligations arising from collective agreements.

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