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Europe Day 2023 in Košice, Bratislava, Lučenec and Žilina

Today, it is extremely important to recall the importance of our membership in the European community and to highlight the benefits it brings us. Therefore, Europe Day has not only a symbolic but also an educational significance. EURES Slovakia has been again this year actively involved in events organised in Košice, Bratislava, Lučenec and Žilina.

Košice – Europe Day celebrations on 5 May 2023 in Košice were organised by the European Parliament Office in Slovakia. They were held in the spirit of Democracy in practice slogan. A rich program was prepared for visitors – lectures, discussions and an evening talk show with Jan Gordulič. In the European village created in front of the Smile cinema, visitors had the opportunity to get to know several European institutions, including EURES Slovakia.

EURES’ mission is to promote labour mobility in EU/EEA countries. Visitors to the stand, mostly high school students, could express their desires and goals regarding employment in an unconventional way. They wrote their dream job on a card, which they then pinned to the map of Europe, directly to the country in which they would like to work in the future. Future doctors, psychiatrists, diplomats, lawyers, models, teachers, economists, soldiers, café owners as well as writers showed interest in working not only in Slovakia but also in countries such as Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, France…

Bratislava – EUROPE DAY with the slogan We are at home in Europe was held in Bratislava on May 9 in the Old Market Hall. Guests discussing with moderator Ján Gordulič introduced visitors to various topics, such as: what the European Union does for us, what the European Labour Authority (ELA) does, what skills do we need in times of artificial intelligence, what Europe does in space, what Europe does for the climate, what we can do for Europe.

The EURES stand was mainly visited by young people, secondary and primary school students. However, it was not bypassed by elders who were interested in brushing up on their knowledge by completing crossword puzzles. EURES advisers provided visitors with information about job opportunities in Europe and answered a number of specific questions related to European countries. Europe Day ended with an evening concert of Jana Kirschner.