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EURES-T partnerships

EURES plays a particularly important role in cross-border regions. These regions are related areas of employment, where the cross-border labor mobility is represented significantly. The people who live in one country and work in another, must be balanced with various national differences and different jurisdictions. You can abut daily on administrative, legal or fiscal barriers/obstacles to mobility.

EURES-T is an international partnership formed in border regions, and it is a part of the EURES network. His goal is to fulfill the requirements of information and coordination in the context of labor mobility in the border regions. It combines employment services and career preparation, employer and trade union organizations, organs of local government, institutions, dealing with the work and the employment problems of career preparation in border regions, and includes also the European Commission.

The goal of EURES-T partnership is:

  • on the one side a network of service providers,
  • on the other side a political-administrative network (on a regional basis), that manages the framework for a dialogue and consultation between the control and in the area of Employment to build and manage, and thus to the formation of a cross-border area of economic and social conditions and contribute to the elimination of obstacles to the mobility of workers.

The mission is to include information, advice and assistance in filling vacancies in the labor market in the context of free movement of workers, especially in the border regions.

EURES-T fulfills alongside this role two other tasks:

  • Creating of the database of opportunities / options for specialized training in the field which is generated by the respective partnership and to make these available to the public,
  • creation of framework for a dialogue and consultation between the control and the work/activities in the area of Employment.

The overall goal is to enable the free movement of workers in the border regions along the internal borders of the European Economic Area and to contribute to the development, integration and the smooth functioning of cross-border employment area.

The participants of the EURES-T partnerships are therefore citizens, enterprises, institutions and organizations that are involved in cross-border mobility.

EURES advisers in the border regions offer specific advice on the rights and obligations of workers who live in one country and work in another. They signify an important contact point between the regional and national employment report and the social partners. They also play an important control function in the areas of Employment which represent a key element of what European integrations really are.

Slovakia is involved in EURES-T partnership “BESKYDY” with Czech republic and Poland

Last update: 07.10.2020