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EURES (European Employment Services) is a European network of Public Employment Services coordinated by ELA (European Labour Authority), whose aim is to facilitate the free movement of workers within EU/EEA countries and Switzerland, as well as to support fair job mobility. EURES offers free services to jobseekers looking for work in Europe and employers searching for labour force in European countries. EURES advisers provide information, advice and job mediation services to European jobseekers. The EURES network offers professional advice and assistance in recruitment process to European employers interested in hiring workers from EU/EEA countries and Switzerland.


The EURES network has been established in Slovakia since May 1, 2004, when the country became a member of the European Union. EURES network services are available at all 46 Offices of Labour, Social Affairs and Family in Slovakia, provided by EURES advisers and contact persons, as well as on the job portals and

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EURES offers to its clients an EU-wide database of verified job vacancies, information on living and working conditions in EU/EEA countries, the situation on the European labour market, registration procedures, taxes, social and health security, professional advice on CV creation and job search in the destination country as well as financial support of labour mobility.


Moreover, EURES has an irreplaceable position in cross-border regions where, in addition to standard services, it primarily provides advice focused on the rights and obligations of cross-border workers who work in one member state but live in a neighbouring country to which they return daily or at least once a week.


On December 23, 2023, the Agreement on the provision of a non-refundable financial contribution No. Z401401DWU8 entered into force. The national project Together We Look for a Job III. is co-funded by the European Union under the Programme Slovakia.

Project code: 401401DWU8