Projektový/á pracovník/čka na oddelení ľudských zdrojov (ID 6809)

Odvetvie: 72 - Vedecký výskum a vývoj

Počet voľných prac. miest: 1
Dátum pridania ponuky:21.12.2017
Termín nástupu: 24.10.2018

Krajina: FR - Francúzsko
Mesto: Grenoble

Druh pracovného pomeru: Pracovný pomer na čiastočný úväzok
Trvanie pracovného pomeru: Pracovný pomer na dobu určitú
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Popis pracovného miesta

The Institut Laue-langevin, situated in Grenoble, France, is Europe´s leading research facility for scientific research using neutrons. We welcome over 2000 visits of scientists per year to carry out world-class research.

In close collaboration with the head of the ILL´s Personnel Administration and Payroll group and the other members of the Human Resources Service, you will be responsible for managing the following pay office activities:
- Retirement and early retirement (CAA scheme): providing information, performing calculations, simulations, etc.
- "Action lodgement" housing assistance scheme: providing information, follow-up of applications
- Preparation of annual reports (closure of accounts) and tables of HR statistics for reporting purposes
- Supplementary health insurance and provident fund contracts: follow-up of contracts, reporting of results, issuing of calls for tender, etc.

Other activities:
- Participation in HR projects: e.g. implementation of a collective retirement savings plan (known as a PERCO)
- Legal representation in France of European bodies
- Invoicing of various services (post office, DHL, etc.), superision of ILL´s internal mail office, acting as ILL representative on the staff canteen committee, preparation of certain declarations (e.g. DEOTH ILL representative on the staff canteen committee, preparation of certain declarations (e.g. DOETH declaration on number disabled workers employed).
This is a part-time position: 24 hours/week. Working days to be defined.
12-month fixed-term contract.


Qualifications and experience:

You have a Master´s degree or equivalent qualification.
You have some initial HR experience gained working in a payroll department and are familiar with one or more payroll software programs.
You are proficient in the use of office automation tools, including Excel.
You are meticulous, well-organised and able to work independently; you are a quick learnenr and enjoy working with numbers.
You are a recognised team player and are known for your listening skills and service-oriented attitude.

Zamestnávateľ ponúka

Generous company benefits (expatriation allowance), relocation assistance and language courses may be offered.

Druh pracovného pomeru

Pracovný pomer na čiastočný úväzok


francúzsky - B2 Samostatný používateľ
anglický - B2 Samostatný používateľ

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V prípade záujmu zašlite svoj životopis spolu so sprievodným listom vo francúzskom, alebo anglickom jazyku e-mailom na adresu: maria.bacova@upsvr.gov.sk najneskôr do 05.01.2018. Do predmetu správy uveďte ID a názov pracovnej ponuky.

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Institut Laue-Langevin